Negotiation is the only answer ultimately, unless the Coalition not only wants to remove Gaddafi but also capture him and put him on trial. What the coalition forces need to decide is “what constitutes a win” in this negotiation. If it’s just getting Gaddafi to step down then a negotiated solution might achieve that. But, if you negotiate then you normally have to give something back in return. So if a negotiated deal is struck then it may be that part of the price is that Gaddafi and his henchmen escape justice and are given safe passage.

If the “win” is not only getting rid of Gaddafi but bringing him to account for his murderous regime, then even greater military action will be required. However, even if we send in an army as well as an air force there is no guarantee of a successful outcome, as our experience in Iraq shows. So, without negotiation the “win” will be much harder to achieve.

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