Negotiation Tips

When deal making or negotiating remember:

1Prepare, prepare, prepare. Preparation is an investment of time. Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail. Who is on each side? What’s the history? What’s the balance of bargaining power? What’s the ideal outcome? What can each side afford to give away? What’s the bottom line?
2Bring a positive attitude. If you feel like you are going to lose, that’s what will happen. Be confident, and be prepared to give the other side what they need too. Don’t be a “user” who takes advantage of the other side. Don’t be a “loser” who comes to the negotiation with a defeatist attitude. Be a “Fuser” – prepared to fuse the agendas of both sides in order to create currency for both sides. All long lasting, successful deals are based on this state of mind.
3Marshal your bargaining power. It’s easy to under-estimate your own bargaining power and over-estimate your opponent’s. Identify the Aces that you hold to boost your confidence. Do you have Expertise on your side? Authority? Market power? Network power? Rules and Regulations? These are all sources of bargaining power.
4When you’re bargaining, don’t give away something for nothing. Always ask for something back. There is generally no such thing as a goodwill concession. And keep points open so you can put packages together to deal with difficult issues. If you just leave the difficult points to the end you will have no concessions left with which to solve them.

5Ask for what you want. The more you ask for the more you get, so there’s no point holding back. And you only need one good reason to support what you ask for – don’t waffle – the more you say […]

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Feature In Sunday Express for Close My Deal App

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Clive Rich on BBC Radio

In March of this year I was interview by Mai Davies of BBC Wales. We discussed many things related to negotiation – it was great fun.

Have a listen below.

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