Negotiation Strategies for Today’s Business World

Negotiation Strategies
With an unstable world economy, increased competition, power and influence moving rapidly to the East and technology making business more international, faster and converged, the power of negotiation to secure deal partners has never been more important, particularly for UK plc.

Negotiation is no longer about taking advantage of the other side; in our ‘New Deal Economy’ it’s about a collaborative approach. Whether you are an individual, SME, big company or Government – Negotiation is something you can’t fail to understand.

Clive Rich is one of the UK’s leading negotiators, having worked with some of the largest companies in the world, including Sony, Yahoo, Apple, Royal Opera House and Napster. Combining over 25 years’ experience in deal making and negotiation training, he offers an unrivalled service which is relevant and affordable to both small and large companies alike.

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