Clive Rich – Professional Negotiator

Clive Rich is an international deal maker and trouble-shooter.

He has played a crucial role in negotiating and brokering more than £10bn worth of global deals for or with a broad spectrum of multi-nationals, major organisations and super-brands, including Sony, Yahoo, Apple, Napster, BMG, San Disk, My Space and the BBC.

An Oxford University and the Inns of Court Law graduate, Clive has over 25 years experience creating and closing deals. He uses a unique framework which can be adapted depending on the size of deal, recognising that each negotiation and individual is different.

Clive believes that the power of negotiation and the ability to trouble-shoot deals has never been more important. With an unstable world economy, increasing competition as power and influence moves from the West to the East, and technology enabling business to converge globally, we now live in a New Deal Economy, where deal-making skills are paramount.

Also a highly experienced entertainment and digital media lawyer, Clive has negotiated deals for musicians including Take That, Dido, Annie Lennox and Simply Red, and for global brands such as Universal, Virgin and T-Mobile. He also negotiated BMG’s first agreement for Pop Idol recording rights with 19 Entertainment – an agreement which has since generated well over $1 billion of contribution for BMG worldwide.

He has recently designed and successfully launched an App called “Close My Deal”, enabling people to understand the basis of successful negotiation and apply the skills to everyday scenarios.

Clive is married with four children and lives in London.



Clive is a qualified arbitrator and has negotiated for some of the worlds leading brands, including…
Clive Rich Clients



“I first met Clive over 10 years ago whilst he was at BMG and I at Capital Radio. Over that I have had to pleasure to interact with him on a numerous projects in various roles and always found his insight and advice considered, leading and great value. I look forward to working with him again over the next decade. If you have Clive on you team you dramatically improve your chances of success.”
Clive Dickens, Capital Radio plc


“Clive is creative, smart, quick, listens well and comes up with powerful win-win solutions. If you need a future-oriented legal expert or skilled negotiator that builds creative solutions he’s the perfect guy!”
Gerd Leonhard, CEO and Founder, The Futures Agency


“Clive brings great creativity and discipline to bear at the same time. I’ve found this helpful when looking at new creative ventures or problems. He’s insightful, well connected and can therefore make useful creative leaps and associations.”
Mark Friend, Controller, Multiplatform and Interactive, British Broadcasting Corporation


“On behalf of The Institute of Directors Central London Branch, I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to deliver a presentation to our members and guests. Your presentation created a good understanding of how to negotiate effectively and I am sure the information will help improve market opportunity for IOD Central London Branch members. I have received comments reflecting the valued content in your presentation.”
Stuart Aarons, Public Relations Officer, The Institute of Director


“Clive is an extremely skilled individual whose work I completely endorse. His negotiation seminars are a joy to be a part of – we’ve also used him for motivational speaking at James Grant and he is superb.”
Russ Lindsay, Co-founder at James Grant Media Group


“Clive is an extremely bright, effective and efficient man to work with; he also has great charm, so is a pleasure to work with; and he has great experience and knowledge in his field, of which he makes full use.”
Philip Bernie, Head of BBC TV Sport, BBC Worldwide


“Clive has worked in the music business for many years as have I. I have mainly negotiated against him, as it were, at different times and in different capacities as our careers have progressed. His ability to see the issues and to seek solutions is impressive. He has always concluded the deal in a way which seeks to satisfy both sides and to make good deals. I am more than happy to endorse Clive as an advisor and as a deal maker.”
Crispin Evans, Senior Vice President, Universal Music Publishing Group


“Clive is one of the greatest negotiators I have met. Calm, clear and decisive, he swings negotiations his way using proven science that many others have failed to grasp. The most important thing I learned from him is: “Ask clearly for exactly what you want and give just one compelling reason why you should have it.” Simple, yet not what most of us do. Instead we think of many secondary reasons why we need what we want and get shot down in flames. Clive is also a major believer in the win/win philosophy leaving both sides happy whilst getting his client exactly what was required. Clive is good, very good!”
Paul King, Head of Business Development, Live and Dangerous


“Clive is a music industry veteran with a wealth of deal making and strategic management expertise in music and TV industries. I was always very impressed by Clive’s ability to assimilate and evaluate not only the relevant hard data, but also the subtler, often less evident political and personal considerations in any negotiation situation. He invariably arrived at a well-honed strategic approach which delivered the desired result. I would happily endorse Clive as an advisor or hands on deal-maker for anyone seeking wise counsel.”
Neil Boote, Director Futures Division, Sony BMG UK


“Clive has been a great support to the London College of Fashion. He has delivered a series of lectures on how to create an effective negotiation stance which can be utilised in any sector and with any type of business. He has an engaging style that encourages students to actively participate and has accelerated their learning process. The negotiation exercise that the students then undertook was greatly enhanced by Clive’s input and they started using the process straight away.”
Alison Thorne, Negotiation event organiser, London College of Fashion


“I worked with Clive for 2-3 years whilst he was at Sony Music. I found Clive to be hard working, strategically minded and collaborative. I would recommend his consultancy services unreservedly as I am sure he will be able to offer a new dimension to your business.”
Dominic Burns, SVP, Licensing UK, FremantleMedia


“Clive is a rare breed of business person: multi-skilled – in business affairs, legal and negotiation in the entertainment world.”
Peter Cowley, Founder & CEO, Spirit Digital Media


“Clive is one of the most experienced negotiators in the UK media space – having worked with him for some years at Sony BMG Music and having kept in touch with the work he has been doing since then, I have always found his approach to commercial issues and his ability to get a deal done to be top notch.”
Rob Bell, Senior Director - European Digital Business, Sony BMG


“Good advice is always valuable, but when it’s delivered with crystal clarity it is also powerful. I am a big fan of anyone who can debunk complicated things and present them in a straight forward manner. Clive is the master of the this!”
John Nolan, Head of Commercial and Digital Programming North One, All3Media


“Clive is smart and kind, which for a music attorney is high praise! But he is also a phenomenal thinker around the very real issues facing digital media today. I’ve found every project, conversation and colleague in his sphere of influence to be inspiring and intriguing. A true gem of a man.”
Richard Titus, Controller Future Media, A&M and Mobile, BBC


“I was lucky enough to have worked for Clive in my last couple of years at what was then Sony BMG Music. Clive has done it all in terms of deal negotiation in the music industry, from artist deals, to TV production and format deals to digital licence deals. He is one of the brightest minds in the business and always takes a commercial approach on a deal.”
Paul Brown, Director Business Affairs and Business Development, Futures Division, Sony BMG Music


“Clive is a thorough, intelligent and driven person. He has a great grasp of many sectors of business and is always good to work with…. and he is a great networker.”
Steve Wild, Chief Operations Officer, Virtual Ltd


“In terms of negotiating deals in the music/media space there is no lawyer better than Clive. His status is almost legendary in the industry and I would highly recommend anyone to use Clive’s services… his app is also worth downloading.”
Tony Ragan, Commercial Manager, BMG Records


“Clive is a demon negotiator! He’s even got an app for that. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Clive for all manner of negotiating and contract work. He’s also well-connected in the digital arena, particularly in the music industry.”
Dee Gibbs, Joint Managing Director, Mi liberty Ltd


“Clive is very well respected in his field as a professional negotiator, and in my experience, he is one of the best deal-makers around. His ability to quickly assess and read a situation, coupled with his excellent communication skills, usually serve to create a winning formula. I have also personally found his Close My Deal iPhone app for negotiating a great tool to assist with and track my deals. Clive has great energy and drive and this usually brings out the best in the people who he works around – I would recommend him to anyone.”
Richard Wheeler, hired Clive as a Business Consultant in 2007


“Clive Rich is a powerful negotiator responsible for putting many of Simon Cowell’s deals together. He’s also a surprisingly nice guy, very relaxed and clear thinking. I’ve been very happy to introduce him to friends and it looks as if they’re going to do great business together. If you’re ever going into a really important negotiation it’s worth downloading Clive’s iPhone app Close My Deal – or giving him a call. He’ll get what’s best for you.”
Erik Brown, Publisher and Editorial Director, Mayfair Times and Sloane Square


“Clive was an innovative and farsighted Director of Business Affairs who ensured that the company had the best possible systems for managing a very extensive and complex set of contracts at the same time as reducing the cost base of the operation through outsourcing. He is an outstanding negotiator who related effectively with the non-legal team, immensely improving their negotiating skills, while, at the same time, capable of ensuring the highest legal standards. He was and remains personally creative and inquisitive about business and has embraced the challenges of the digital world – unlike many others in the industry.”
John Preston, Chairman, BMG Entertainment UK


“Clive has the rare combination of legal expertise, commercial nous and an understanding of the psychology of deal-making. He also has unparalleled experience of the media business from his many years as a senior exec at BMG and Sony. These qualities combined make him an excellent commercial negotiator and well-rounded business advisor.”
Paul Hitchman, Director of Art, Concrete and Glass
Event Reviews

Secrets Of Negotiation Event Comments

Hosted by Clive Rich and leading human behaviour coach, James Stokes

“Everyone thinks that they are good at negotiating the next big deal or gaining the upper-hand from the next contract negotiation, but how many people truly have the skills to be able to get the best deal for all concerned? Be it for their company or for their family.

This course provided a quality introduction to the complex field of negotiation, providing the pointers and core characteristics of negotiation. What to consider, what to look for and how to gain a potential advantage. I would truly recommend this course to all concerned, whether you are negotiating a complex business deal or simply looking to buy the next family car.”

Andrew Watkin-Child, Deputy General Manager at Mizuho Corporate Bank

“I wanted to express how much I enjoyed “The Secrets of Negotiation” evening seminar that you and James held Wednesday evening.

The unique approach and content make a lot of sense, and in hindsight I realise that several negotiations I have handled could have been managed much more successfully if I had only had the skills from your seminar. While I have participated in many negotiation classes, none of them have covered the subject matter of your seminar.

The tools that you teach, at the practitioner’s level are very important to add to those from the “traditional negotiation courses” that often seem to focus very heavily on theoretical frameworks (“BATNA”, “ZOPA”, etc etc.). While these courses offer concepts that are important to master, they don’t help you to actually deal with the person sitting in front of you.

Reading the person across the table is hugely important when trying to understand what – in the mind of that person – will constitute a desirable deal. In the end, that is the determining factor for striking a deal. This is exactly what Clive’s and James’s training course (as the only of its kind that I am aware of) is focusing on.

As a final note, it is clear that you and James are a great team complimenting each other’s expertise and really like what you are doing. That made it a fun event with good energy. I am very pleased that I got to participate.”

Thomas Friis-Hansen, Manager at Intel Capita
Close My Deal App Reviews

Close My Deal App Reviews

“…This is a very handy, clever app. All of the fundamental tools of negotiating are here. Review the app a couple of times before you go into each negotiation, watch the videos for further support and you will have a leg up on those across the table from you. I’ve been in positive negotiations and very negative ones and this app mirrors the tools one would want to produce a positive atmosphere and positive results. Bravo.”
iTunes review by ’wewillfall’

“I use this app regularly in my day-to-day business dealings—being self-employed, my job requires frequent estimating and the art of negotiation is very relevant to securing new clients and projects—I continually revisit the tips offered to remind me how to best approach these negotiations thoughtfully. I’ve been working on the “Game Plan” to fine tune my negotiating skills.
I even used this app recently for a personal negotiation, in selling my car. I think individuals can greatly benefit from this tool, but can also see the benefit for larger firms in dealing with tricky business dealings—overall a great resource!”
iTunes review by Leslie Williams

The YES Book Reviews

The YES Book Reviews

“As a practitioner of negotiation with a serious interest in the topic I bought this book with some reservations. My concerns were unfounded teh book is well structured, well written and coveres the whole scope of negotiation theory and practice. Attitude, Process and Behaviour are the three ways that this book addresses the art an practice of negotiation. In my view an excellent way to explore and understand the elements of effective negotiation.

The book avoids – cheesy American “close that deal” “Win that Sale” tips and magic scripts and lines and provides a more thoughtful informed and structured understadning of the whole negotiation process and experience.

Accessible, easy digestible and useful

buy it”

Andrew Jones,
“This is a very insightful book written in a readable and interesting way. I found it very useful and also enjoyed reading it. I am sure it will help me in future negotiations. I particularly liked the author’s suggestions for how to deal with a wide variety of situations which can and do crop up in negotiations.”

“A must for everyone who is involved in negotiation, an entertaining read as well, the author clearly has a lot of experience”

I. Garwood,

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