Having just written a blog on the futility of “losing both ways” as an attitude in a negotiation, I wanted to write something more positive about the benefits of “fusing”.

“Losing both ways” is a mutually self –destructive approach in which one or both sides decide that they can’t win the negotiation so they set about causing each other harm instead. “Fusers” by contrast are interested in a more collaborative approach to negotiation, in which the needs of both parties are met. I have written about the benefits of “fusing” in my forthcoming book on negotiation, “The Yes Book – The Art of Better Negotiation” to be published by Random House on March 28th. Many people have kindly contributed negotiating stories as I was writing the book, not all of which I was able to include in the final version. Here’s a good one on the benefits of a “fusing” solution from Mat Morrisroe based around the deal he constructed between Bacardi and the Artist “Groove Armada”.

Bacardi Deal is a ‘Breeze’

“Bacardi wanted to create a branded experience for Music but they wanted to do something more than just brand a tent at a music festival. I had been brought into the agency KLP to do something different and I had a background in Music. We selected Groove Armada because they were free from their previous contract with a Major Record company and therefore had more freedom to act. They also had a collaborative manager, and the artist were seen as both credible and socially responsible – a great combination for a drinks Brand. We initially put on a concert with them in Moscow, and then decided to build on the collaboration by creating a unique recording and performance contract.

Bacardi Groove ArmadaBacardi wanted unique content delivered in a unique way, and the Artist wanted the funding and the opportunity to record their own album in their own way. They also wanted to give something back to their fans. In the end Bacardi got 4 live shows, 2 DJ shows, 6 radio shows and 4 tracks to be released exclusively through Bacardi channels. These tracks were released under the “Be Live Share” banner which enabled users to get the next track free if they shared one track with 5 people. The campaign won numerous awards for best use of digital technology. In turn the band got the funding and freedom to record their own critically acclaimed album. The campaign took a while to set up, but by being patient and working to meet everybody’s needs we crafted an agreement from which everybody benefitted….” (Mat Morrissroe)

If you have a negotiating story on this subject or any other aspect of negotiation please feel free to submit it via the form on the “Contact” page of this site, and I will be glad to upload it on the site with a credit and a link back to you.